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  1. Nuggets on Hearing from God

    In this series, you’ll discover 10 nuggets that will help you on hearing from God. Listen or download now.
  2. The Blood Covenant

    Our covenant with God through Jesus Christ is a blood covenant. A blood covenant is the strongest of all covenants. As you learn about your blood covenant with God in this series, it will produce unshakable faith in your life. Blood Covenant Part 1 Blood Covenant Part 2 Blood Covenant...
  3. Activating the Ministry of Angels

    The ministry of angels is part of our inheritance as believers. Yet, many are not receiving full benefit of their ministry because they don’t know how to activate it on their behalf. In this series, you’ll learn four keys to activating the ministry of angels.
  4. Divine Healing 101

    Divine Healing 101 will energize your faith and once again stir up foundational truths about divine healing. Listen or download now.
  5. Genuine Faith

    Join Pastor Mark in this two part series exploring Genuine Faith. Learn what true faith is, and how to strengthen yours each day. Listen or download now.